Grace & Derek


23rd of November 2019


Bracu, Auckland

Film Package



Gary Chan

Grace and Derek's wedding was set in the stunning Bracu Restaurant, Bombay, surrounded by olive trees. The weather turned it on and it sometimes felt like we were all in Tuscany rather than just south of Auckland! The wedding itself was a beautiful mix of Chinese and Kiwi traditions. To kick things off, Derek - with the help of his groomsmen - had to pass a series of lighthearted questions and challenges set by the bridesmaids in order to prove that he was indeed worthy of marrying Grace... luckily, he was! It was super special for us to experience the Chinese wedding traditions, including Derek's challenges and the tea ceremonies that Grace and Derek had with their parents. It was a special day and we felt incredibly welcomed by Grace, Derek, and their friends and family. We sometimes had to remember we there as guests, not invitees! Thanks so much, guys, and all the very best for your happy marriage together.

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